Monday, August 19, 2013

Solidarity with the "Brennan 3" Anti-Drone Trial!

"Brennan 3" Anti-Drone Trial Underway: verdict still pending
UPDATE:  Brennan 3 Trial not over yet! Join us in court in DC on Mon, August 19th, 11am, Room 112, 500 Indiana & D St.
Brennan 3 Team:  Co-Defendants  Joan Nicholson and David Barrows, supporter Eve Tetaz, Co-Defendant Toby Blome and Attn. Ann Wilcox, Brennan 3 Legal Advisor.  (Note: Attn. Mark Goldstone, the 2nd legal advisor, is not present in the picture.)

Three of the activists who were arrested at the Feb 7, 2013 Senate Confirmation Hearing of John Brennan as CIA Director are currently on trial in DC.  The last trial day is likely to be Monday, Aug 19, or Tuesday at the latest;.  Drone Czar, John Brennan, was ultimately confirmed to head the CIA, but our commitment for peace and justice is relentless and "SHALL NOT BE MOVED."
The three co-defendants, David Barrows, Joan Nicholson and Toby Blome are representing themselves pro se, with terrific assistance from their legal advisors, DC attorneys Ann Wilcox and Mark Goldstone.  The co-defendants are arguing they did not have specific intent to disrupt the hearing, along with other arguments,  Please join us at DC Superior Court, Courtroom 112 (Judge Patricia Broderick). The courthouse is at 500 Indiana Ave., NW, Washington DC.
For details of the CodePink anti-drone action that the defendants were part of, refer to the media links below.
Please hold us all in your thoughts,
Sincerely, Toby Blome,  Bay Area CodePink

CodePink speaks out at John Brennan Confirmation Hearing:
* C-SPAN: [\]

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