Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013-11-27 Flashpoints FM Radio Interview with Occupy Beale AFB! concerning current U.S. Drone warfare

[www.occupybealeafb.org], news archive for the Peace vigil and Occupy action at Beale AFB! [solanopeacejustice.blogspot.com/2013/12/occupy-beale-afb.html].

2013-12-09 message from Michael Kerr:
As a Veteran, I was part of a radio interview on Flashpoints by Dennis Bernstein with two other anti-drone activists Toby Blome and Shirley Osgood after we were arrested at Beale Air Force Base north of Sacramento, CA Tuesday November 26. I think our interview is very important for all military personnel, veterans and everybody to listen! If you forward to the 24 minute mark, our interview is about 15 minutes! [kpfa.org/archive/id/97594]
I am so fortunate that my children are not in the military and will never be forced or placed in a position that they would be required to kill women, children and other civilians as many of our soldiers are currently forced to do!
PTSD is ramped in the military! There are more military suicides than combat deaths. Imagine when you come home from active service duty, what it must be like for many of today's soldiers who have fought and killed only civilians during the past 11 years of occupations ever since President Bush declared the Iraq military defeated and the war over! Every time you see your wife and children or family & friends and their children, you can be subject to horrible flashbacks of times you and your service buddies killed innocent civilians and especially women and children! Now our soldiers are being asked to participate in the extra judicial killing of civilians who pose no immediate threat to them or our country by remote control drone in countries we are not at war. Our soldiers are being required to participate in continuous war crimes and violations of International laws and our Constitution.

In Peace & Justice, "Maybe some day we will not have a War Criminal President and Congress in office! So far not in my lifetime!", [signed] Michael E. Kerr, web moderator for [http://occupybealeafb.org/]

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