Monday, April 14, 2014

USA uses fake military satellite images to convince public for war with Russia

"NATO's images of Russian troops allegedly deployed on Ukrainian borders were taken in August 2013 - Russian Military", 2014-04-10 from "Voice of Russia"
NATO wants to justify it’s existence and what better way than to show a big build up of Russian troops on Ukraine’s border. Fact is that the pictures are from August 2013. The military adventures of recent years by NATO, shows that it likes to use fake pictures and videos in order to justify invasions and gaining support at home for unpopular wars
“Satellite imagery of Russian troops allegedly amassed at present on the border with Ukraine dates back to August 2013, a high-ranking source in Russia,” General Staff said Thursday.NATO’s Headquarters of Allied Command Operations released earlier on Thursday a series of satellite photos showing large contingents of tanks, artillery, attack helicopters and war planes purportedly being observed by the Alliance in specific locations along the Ukrainian border.
“In reality, the images released by NATO show units of Russia’s Southern Military District taking part in various exercises last summer, including near the borders with Ukraine,” the source said.
The Southern Military District hosted a number of military drills last summer, including parts of large-scale Combat Commonwealth-2013 air defense exercise, which involved units from a joint air defense system of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
NATO is actively building its naval presence in the Black Sea in view of sharp aggravation of the Ukraine crisis, a Russian Defence Ministry source told the Russian news agency TASS on Thursday.
“Destroyer USS Donald Cook equipped with the Aegis combat missile defense system has just entered the Black Sea. According to our information, it is going to be joined by French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome by April 11. French Navy’s destroyer Dupleix is expected to enter the Black Sea on April 14,” the source went on to say.
“Considering the presence of the French Navy’s rescue vessel Alize in the south-eastern part of the Black Sea since late March, we can say that NATO is building a naval grouping in the Black Sea in the vicinity of the Russian border for the first time since 2008,” the Russian Defence Ministry source said.

Further analysis from the Solano Peace, Freedom and Justice Coalition:
The website "" is accepted by the young and liberal urban professionals as a source for factual news. Upon review, though, the website's analysis of the military satellite images actually omits in mid-sentence, in the final line of the article archived here [link], a reference the RT news investigation, which is archived here [link] for you to review, describing the NATO images as showing Russia's war games being conducted during August, 2013.
The Huffington Post, no less than an authority for educated “liberals” in the USA, [link], not only reproduced the false military satellite images, but also placed anti-Putin story links next to each false image, an example of these stories is archived here [link].

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